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blockman12 on 12/11/2012

Construction Blueprints, Photo’s , Boat Chart’s, the standard size is

Up To 38″ X 25″. I can make your special order of Minnie size and a far price …from $16.00 to $38.00 + ship & Handling & $6.00 size’s — 11 x 17 – 12 x 18 – 17 x 22 – 18 x 24 – 22 x 34 – 24 x 36 – 30 x 42- this is all hand made for you. like my standard size and will need your actual  size . send me a personal email to blockman12@aol.com  so we can make what you want. Henry Losiewicz $35.00 Easy to Transport ! x


  1. Plan Your Budget Begin now to think about how much you can afford to spend and how much building your new home is likely to cost. Choose Your Lot Whether you are building your home in a suburban development or a site with sweeping ocean views, you will almost always need to choose the land before you select floor plans or other details. Pick a Plan Many new homes are built using stock plans from a catalog. The builder or a home designer may make minor modifications in room size, window style or other details.

Line Up Your Team Unless you are a homesteader, you’ll need a team of experts to design and construct your house. Key players will include a builder, an excavator, a surveyorand a home designer or an architect. Many homeowners begin by selecting the builder or contractor. Houseplans blueprints And you can learn the Roofing Business at your new home with roofing home business and make money ! How cool is that :-) Enjoy my facebook building roof and much more than I can fit all on his page.Take a look and pick up those tip’s    Negotiate a Contract Be sure to get a written contract which has been signed and dated by both the builder or contractor and the architect or designer. A contract for new home construction will describe the project in detail and include a listing of all the parts to be included in the house. Remember to amend the contract if you or your team make any changes to the project later on.

Check out document templates for contract and good information for Building. If we will take time to create our own blueprint, our purpose and plan for our life. That is the great difference between those who succeed in life from those who are not. One has defined and chose to focus on what kind of life they want to happen, while others aimlessly trying to acquire everything with undefined goal. Now, you decide, what kind of life will you want to make for yourself? Remember, Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. – Napoleon Hill